For Apart Hotel Talkanco, the wellness and safety of our guest is the most important thing.

For this reason, we have implemented the measures recommended by the Government of Chile, to reduce the chances of Covid-19 contagion inside our Hotel.


Upon entering the Apart Hotel our guest must:

  • Go through the footbath (Footwear sanitizer).
  • Handwashing.
  • Apply Alcohol Gel.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Sign the health declaration if it has not been previously sent.

All common spaces will be sanitized periodically in order to provide greater security to our guest during their stay at the Apart Hotel.
Sanitation stations will be located at the entrance and exit of the Apart Hotel.




  • All our guest, must wear masks in the common areas of Apart Hotel. It is the obligation of each passenger to bring their own mask.
  • All our guest must accept the instructions and plan provided by the Management of Apart Hotel Talkanco.
  • All guest must be sanitized each time they enter the Apart Hotel.
    To "Check" in the Apart Hotel Talkanco, it will be an obligation to have previously sent the "Declaración Jurada de Salud Covid-19".
  • Guest are Required to check in online.




  • Communicate update information on Government of Chile provisions to our guest and employees.
  • Our employees will be tested periodically by Covid-19, in case of a Covid-19 positive result, the Chilean Government's Covid-19 Preventive Plan will be applied.
  • Our Employees will have all the necessary security elements to carry our their functions taking care of their health and that of our guests.
  • Our employees must comply with our "Protocolo Covid-19 Apart Hotel Talkanco para colaboradores y proveedores".


  • All our clients must send an a declaration of personal or family health prior to entering the Apart Hotel.
  • Check-In and Check-out Online will be carried out, avoiding contact between people.
  • Digital channels will be privileged to send all the information.
  • Reservations will be online.



Altos de Alcohuaz 3560
El Oasis • Guanaqueros
Coquimbo, Chile

(+56 9) 71391788


Phones: (+56) 51 239 5122
(+56) 51 228 7417